¿Como Ubico Mis Hijos? by Kate Vieira

I write this post as a scholar of immigration and literacy who listens to people’s migration stories—the stories of those who have had to leave their loved ones and the stories of those who have been left. I write to offer my views on the role of stories in this humanitarian crisis.

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Writing on the Edge by Kate Vieira

So I wrote this thing for anyone who is divorced, is a single parent, has field-worked, and/or has a love-hate relationship with the social scientific research report. Ok. I wrote it for myself. It kind of broke me open.

It’s about writing, by the way, and also pain, and also research methods.

Thank you to Writing on the Edge for not only publishing this wild hybrid thing, but also for awarding it the Donald J. Murray prize. http://woejournal.ucdavis.edu/.

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DACA and Writing and Surveillance and Beauty by Kate Vieira

When I was doing research in 2008 for American by Paper, my book about the writing of documented and undocumented immigrants, DACA didn't exist. People despaired--for themselves and their families. They put their hopes and prayers in what a new administration would bring. Perhaps Obama would change things. Obama! With immigrant roots (via his father) himself!

 By the time my book was published, 8 years later, there was Obama, and there was DACA.

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