Centro Hispano mural, Madison, Wisconsin


As a former elementary school classroom teacher in Dallas, Texas, and high school teacher with the Peace Corps in Daugavpils, Latvia, I am committed to supporting a culture of writing both inside and outside the classroom.



I work with community partners in Madison to develop writing workshops aimed at personal and social empowerment for girls and women, Latinx youth, and immigrants.

I am also privileged to advise graduate students doing research on writing in communities, including studies of African-American coding literacy in a community computer science program; working-class basic writing students in a community college; immigrant women in a family literacy program; university custodial workers in an ESL program; workers writing for pay; and people recovering from aphasia in a community writing group.

I am thrilled to be currently working with the gifted poets and teachers of Encantapalabra and Colegio Mixto SINAI in Manizales, Colombia to develop and conduct collaborative writing-for-peace workshops. Thank you, Profe Isabel, for opening the doors of your classroom. And thank you to the young writers for sharing their words in this space.

If you have an idea for a community partnership,